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Our AluClad – wood products are based on frame systems made by ALURON which meet strict requirements of energy efficiency, providing comfort, functionality and safety. ALURON conducts its business through global management and on the basis of production standards, including ISO 9001 and Qualicoat Certificate, among others. Many years of production and unsurpassed experience, elevate ALURON to one of the leading manufacturer in Europe specializing in window and door systems. Offered features and solutions distinguished by many options and frame models makes them very popular and awarded by numerous and prestigious Institution. All systems are interconnected, which enables the use a similar wood frame to match exterior characteristics of Aluron Clad and accessories. All system frames comes powder coated in two finishes, smooth or textured using palette of RAL colors. Most of systems features available design like:

– fixed units

– tilt and turn

– custom shape units

– single doors

– french doors

– Lift & Slide doors

– curtain walls

Aluclad Profile Options


CLASSIC, which characterize with simple lines and shape its the most versatile version of all frame systems.

Model Classic is a system for those who value simplicity and timeless design. Construction-wise, it is the most versatile version of all frame systems.

Its features and utility parameters allow for comprehensive and versatile usage with high functionality and aesthetics.

Soft Line

SOFT LINE is characterized by an extremely aesthetic design line. This system stands out with its rounded shape of profiles. It is both a very stylish and functional solution. Moreover, this system possesses high utility parameters in terms of insulating as well as acoustic and mechanical properties. Its features allow for a wide range of uses especially where rounded shapes complement the architectural vision of the construction.


RETRO is a system designed for traditional and colonial houses. Its special shape of profiles gives the windows an elegant, classy and timeless character. A broad variety of available colors in this system make it a complement to even the most sophisticated applications. The retro system stands out with its design and functionality as it offers a broad spectrum of available constructions and very good functionality.


QUADRAT systems have distinctive profile edges, with the sash shifted away from the frame and thus creating two distinct surfaces. The Quadrat is distinguished by its minimalistic and geometrical design, crucial in modern architecture where glass, concrete, aluminum and steel is the standard. Its uniqueness is further magnified by the lack of a visible slant, resulting in a right angle visible on the surface of Quadrat profiles.

Quadrat FB

FB systems have distinct profile edges, similar to the Quadrat system. The FB version is distinguished by its flushed sash which visually creates a unified surface. The special shape of the aluminum sash, which shifts the window pane 5/8” further forward as in more conventional designs, allows for the use of broader glazing with a thinner wood cross-section. Quadrat FB lacks a visible slant and there is a right angle on the surface of its profiles.  Much like other systems, Quadrat FB stands out with high functionality and excellent utility properties.


LINEAR is a system where the sash surface is flushed with the frame. However, unlike other flushed systems, such as Quadrat FB, the Linear creates a clear angle on the surface. Just like other ALURON clad systems, it is characterized by above-average functionality and utility. Model Linear is suitable for flushed and modern designs that blend in well with the concept of the building.


INTEGRAL is a unique line of products in simple form with narrow frames and fixed glazing impression. This creates a visual effect of a single frame, just like in fixed windows. These system profiles were developed without a visible slant and, as a result, create an external right angle. The use of an additional welded gasket in the frame profile increased the overall tightness of the construction which resulted in obtaining the E1200 classification, approved by IFT Rosenheim tests.


PASSIVE is a wood-alu system for window constructions designed for passive housing. Thanks to its high utility and durability in the form of excellent thermal insulation, above average tightness, air permeability and wind load resistance, this system is suitable for modern, energy-saving and high performance buildings.

Classic Passive, as a certified component of Passivhaus Institut, meets its requirements for passive housing, that is: U-Value of entire unit < 0.14 in combination with triple-pane glazing where Ug-Factor = 0.14 or less

The system utilizes innovative insulation material of high durability utilises on foamed PS, which shares the properties of wood. Thanks to its high level of rigidity, frame clips can be screwed directly into it. Additional components that distinguish this system from more traditional AluClad designs include the breader main gasket, PE cord, additional central gasket.

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