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We offer high variety of Aluminum windows and doors. Every order is custom made according to our customers requirements. Our modern construction solutions make it possible to create extremely large g lazed areas and improve building design and interior décor not available with most of our competitors, for example 25’ W x 9’H lift and slide doors. We have almost an unlimited potential in terms of both colors and their different shades for our aluminium components. Another key benefit for our products are the components utilizing multi point locking. This is achieved through a link gear running around the window sash, which operates pins which in turn lock into keepers located around the perimeter of the sash opening. Depending on the size of sash used, there can be up to twelve locking points on any one sash. In doors a six-point lock is used. This comprises of four compression roller pins, one latch and one dead bolt. All the locks on any one sash are operated by one lever and secured by one key. Further this creates insulating advantage as an even sash seal is achieved as well as enhanced security. Pleae note we can perform the installation or assit our customer in an installation consult capacity


MB-45 is a modern aluminum system intended for designing elements of architectural exterior and interior enclosures that do not require thermal insulation, e.g. various types of partition walls, windows, manual and automatic sliding doors, swing doors, vestibules, display windows, ticket box offices, showcases and spatial structures

• 1 chamber system structural depth of the window sections is equal to 45 mm (frame), 54 mm (casement)

• sets of glass panels from 2 mm to 35 mm in window casements and from 2 mm to 26 mm in fixed windows and doorframes

MB-59 S

 The MB-59S system is intended for production of both tilt windows and outswing windows

• window options include, inswing, bottom hung, pivot tilt & turn and Slide & Tilt. The Casement derivative provides open out options of top hung and side hung

• single or double door sets available in inswing and outswing options

• wide range of finishes and colors, Powder coated and wood grain finish as well as dual color option


The MB-60 is a complete window and door system for any application requiring enhanced thermal performance. Its wide selection of compatible components enables to construct various elements from thermally insulated windows and doors to pivot and concealed sash windows.

• 3 chamber system

• structural depth of the window sections is equal to 60 mm (frames) and 69 mm (casements)

MB-60 US

The MB-60 Hidden Casement system is a part of the window/door system with a thermal break MB-60. The windows produced from the elements of this system have casements that are unseen from the external side of the building. In the row of adjacent fixed and openable windows all the compartments look the same form the outside . The width of window frames from the external side is small, what makes the structure look slender and light.

• 3 chamber system

• structural depth of the window sections is equal to 60 mm (frames) and 69 mm (casements)

MB-60 Pivot

MB-60 PIVOT window is a part of the MB-60 window/door system with a thermal break. It is intended for production of windows requiring thermal and acoustic insulation with vertical or horizontal rotation axis.

This window with horizontal rotation axis can be from 800 to 2000 mm high and from 500 to 2400 mm wide. The maximum weight is 180 kg. The hinges ensure the window rotation angle from 0 to 180 degrees. They may be optionally equipped with a blockade of the casement opening up to the angle equal to 10, 15 or 22 degrees.


Modern aluminum system intended for realizations of exterior architectural building elements requiring thermal and acoustic insulation. This selection is our middle tier offer of alumnum windows and doors. It offers capacity to hold larger glass panes than MB060

• 5 chamber system

structural depth of the window sections is equal to 70 mm (frames) and 79 mm (casement)

• special gasket made of two-component synthetic rubber to 10, 15 or 22 degrees.


MB86 system has been designed to offer outstanding insulation properties. It is offered to meets the increasing customer requirements for enhanced energy saving construction. Offered in three varieties ST, SI and AERO. This system features the industry leading thermal performance. In addition it also features exceptional rate of profiles inertia that allows for greater windows in size and weight.

• large selection of profiles

• newly shaped, extra thick thermal breaks

multi component central gasket

• glazing strips with additional sealing option

extremly large glass areas

• appropriate for variety of hardware including concealed hinges

• water draining available in both traditional and concealed options

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