P4000 LS - PVC doors

Thermal insulation Uf

from 0,95(W/m²K)

Large windows allow you to eliminate all restrictions, save space and freely shape the space in your home. Rooms full of light, closeness of nature, lack of barriers and optimal use of living space are new perspectives in interior design. Special fittings mechanisms allow you to move huge wings using minimum force. Turning the big handle down, from the closed position, raises the wing by a few millimeters, releasing the pressure of the gaskets and the enabling you to move the wings freely.

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  • Key features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Performance

• improved thermal characteristic: possible
Uf value of 0,95 W/m²K
• threshold and guide rails in aluminum or fiberglass
version (depending on the module)
• glazing and panel thickness up to 51 mm; optimized
for triple and function glazing
• integrated seal: increases process reliability and
the quality of the door
• few components for a flexible and fast production
• simplified mounting of aluskin® aluminium skins
• available in numerous decor finishes

An unquestionable advantage of this type of patio doors are the possible dimensions of its construction. The width of the wing can be from 0.8 m to 3 m wide and up to 2.7 m high in white color, which allows you to create even a more than six-meter glazing.

Air Permeability
Wind load resistance
Thermal insulation (Uf)
from 0,95 (W/m²K)
Maximum acoustic insulation


We offer high variety of Aluminum windows and doors. Every order is custom made according to our customers requirements. Our modern construction solutions make it possible to create extremely large g lazed areas and improve building design and interior décor not available with most of our competitors, for example 25’ W x 9’H lift and slide doors. We have almost an unlimited potential in terms of both colors and their different shades for our aluminium components. Another key benefit for our products are the components utilizing multi point locking. This is achieved through a link gear running around the window sash, which operates pins which in turn lock into keepers located around the perimeter of the sash opening. Depending on the size of sash used, there can be up to twelve locking points on any one sash. In doors a six-point lock is used. This comprises of four compression roller pins, one latch and one dead bolt. All the locks on any one sash are operated by one lever and secured by one key. Further this creates insulating advantage as an even sash seal is achieved as well as enhanced security. Pleae note we can perform the installation or assit our customer in an installation consult capacity.


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Eco Windows USA provides top quality window and door solutions in Brass, Steel, Aluminum, Wood and PVC. With a capacity of producing over 5000 windows per day our systems are highly customizable, allowing for almost unlimited possibilities to arrange elevations and building interiors for both residential and commercial use. Our brand of window and door carpentry is produced by combining precisely selected materials, premium German hardware, latest technologies and long-term experience in production. We provide CAD design support as well as complete installation services.